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Friendly Creek, Golden Palms, Hong Kong and Arrow South tenements

Pacton’s Egina properties are contiguous with Novo Resources Corp.’s extensive Egina tenements which contain gold-bearing lag gravels that overlie Mesoarchean age orogenic gold occurrences, and locally, formations of the basal Fortescue Group. To the southeast of the Novo tenements, Pacton’s Friendly Creek, Hong Kong and Golden Palms tenements contain gold showings,  including gold nuggets, in areas of Mesoarchean basalts, and in lag gravels mapped as alluvial deposits. To the west and northwest of the Novo project, Pacton’s Arrow South and Arrow North projects contain Archean orogenic gold prospects that are partially covered with extensive layers of alluvial gravels and conglomerates.

Pacton’s initial 2019 Egina exploration will consist of spot sampling of gravels with subsequent follow-up samples based on initial results. Pacton is able to undertake bulk sampling operations as a result of its 2018 strategic alliance with Artemis Resources, which includes access to the Artemis Radio Hill processing plant, now nearing completion.

The initial 2019 Egina exploration program will also include more detailed mapping and sampling of the gold-bearing Mesoarchean basaltic rocks, and their associated erosional gravels.

Egina Claims


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