Duxbury Lithium Property, Quebec

The Duxbury Property consists of 21 mineral claim cells totaling approximately 1,107 hectares and is accessible by the James Bay Highway. Geologically, the Property is underlain by the Lower Eastmain greenstone belt that is locally represented by volcanic and volcano-sedimentary rocks which have been metamorphosed to amphibolite facies. At the adjacent Galaxy Resources Project, the lithium deposit area is underlain by the Auclair Formation consisting of paragneiss intruded by spodumene-bearing pegmatite dykes. The Lower Eastmain greenstone belt is also prospective for gold mineralization.

EastmainAreaLithium June 29 2016

Pegmatites are whitish to pure white magmatic rocks that are enriched in light elements such as lithium. The ore mineral spodumene can contain up to 8% Li20. According to Galaxy Resources, their adjacent lithium deposit consists of several swarms of pegmatite dykes that outcrop in a corridor approximately 4km long and 300m wide.

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